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Doing a little bit of Political writing today, this is an idea I had while musing the intricacies of cultures in the world. Every culture which was created by the European empires of the 1700s shared a lot of fundamental elements with their mother country until they broke off, agreed? Things such as Religion, Language, Class structure, Institutions, but not Government. The things that really kept the societies of the colonies and their mother countries together were basically everything except their governments. even the countries with established, formal religions and cultures took on some influence. So why not change the governments and enter a union based on culture rather than politics? A more representative Union would be better for all the countries involved. It is for this reason I have named them the spheric unions - after spheres of culture.

Legislature and Government
Any constitutional monarchies would remain heads of state, but the former heads of the Executive would also become constitutional, e.g any presidents, symbolising the political union. There would be bicameral "chambers" in charge of both the Executive and Legislature, with elected members representing each "province" in them, for example a member for Berkshire in both chambers, each province consisting of a minimum 100,000 people and a maximum 1000,000. The second chamber would give longer terms and be more technocratic, including a requirement of at least a degree in any politics-related subject. but also at the same time give aristocratic titles to the members, e.g the member for Berkshire would be the Count of Berkshire. They would have to both agree on legislature before it is passed, and the second house could possibly monitor the first houses' activities.
No unfair or one-sided tax agreements should be made, with every tax level being equal in all areas.
all national institutions (such as the N.H.S) should be merged with the institutions from the other countries.

There should be a single, uniform language that is used across all borders of the union, this being taught in all primary schools.


United Kingdom
I'm just a man who likes art. Nuff said?

Perhaps not! I'm your average Briton, studying for my AS levels (now) in Politics, Sociology and English and I really like the arts. I play the guitar, paint and (sometimes) write.

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